Maciej Kosiarski

Symfony - PHP - Python - GO 



I'm PHP developer with five years commercial experience. I worked in several polish companies and I was a part of teams developing applications like: 

  • Content Menagement SystemCMS 
  • Computer-Assisted Web InterviewCAWI
  • Enterprise Resource Planning / ERP

Most of this application was developed in php  based on popular frameworks like Symfony 3/4/5, Zend 2, Cakephp 2/3. Data was storaged in relational databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, non-relational like MongoDB and key-value like Redis. Each of my local environments are containerized by Docker and docker-compose tool.

Currently I'm developing tools which are specializing in downloading data from external sources, preparing and delivering that data to business intelligence solutions.

I usually use PhpStorm IDE, JIRA issue tracker, Confluence docs. I used to use vcs platforms like: Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab. I'm trying apply SOLID, KISS and DRY principles in my every day work. Most of projects was developed according to the CQRS pattern. I know and I'm trying to use basic design patterns.

Contact Me

+48 512 276 144